High School Important Communications




Exams ~ 2019-20 First Semester Schedule……

This is to inform you of the up-coming semester exams scheduled to be given Dec. 18th, Dec. 19th and Dec. 20th. The following adjusted schedule will be used. If a delay or cancelation of school exams would resume in that same order.

Wednesday December 18

Thursday December 19

Friday December 20

8:00 - 9:20

1st Period Exam

4th Period Exam

7th Period Exam

9:25 - 10:45

2nd Period Exam

5th Period Exam

8th Period Exam

10:50 - 12:10

3rd Period Exam

6th Period Exam

Lunch 10:50 - 11:20 then

12:10 - 2:40

Lunch and then Study Hall for students remaining in the Building

Lunch and then Study Hall for students remaining in the Building

Study Hall for students remaining in the Building   Make Up Exam Time

A. Exams are included at the high school level to adequately prepare and encourage as many students as possible to pursue post-secondary education and to monitor the curriculum and its objectives to ensure that necessary skills are being taught.

B. Exams will count 20% of the semester grade and will be reported separately on the grade card.

C.   Normal attendance procedures and policies will be followed during exam week. Any make-ups will be scheduled during the time listed.

D. Students cannot take exams earlier than normal without permission from the principal. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Schell at 419-898-6216. Also available on the high school webpage

E. This form must be filled out, signed by the appropriate teachers, parents and returned by Friday December 13th or we will assume they are staying for the full day of exams.

F. Teachers reserve the right to revoke privileges to leave early once exams are completed for the day if a student is behind in work or failing a class(es).

G. Student have one academic incentive to be used in a class of their choice as long as they earned a first semester grade of an “A-“ (or above) in that class when grades are checked on Dec. 6th. Students must take 1 exam for each class. They can not opt out twice for one class.

H. DISCIPLINE/ATTENDANCE Student will not be tardy to school more than 2 times between Aug. 23rd and Dec. 6th; Student will miss 3 days or less between Aug. 23rd and Dec. 6th (for any reason)             *College visits, field trips and funerals do not count as absences provided proper paper work is on file in the school office; 3 or less medically excused absences will also not count against the students; Student will receive 2 or less detentions between Aug. 23rd and Dec. 6th; Student will not receive an out of school suspension or 1 ISI between Aug. 23rd and Dec. 6th.









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